Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

I love traditions. One that my husband and I started while we were dating is to go out for breakfast every Sunday after church.  I know that's nothing new since most people do it, but its the simple things in life, right?  Our new favorite spot is the Original Pancake House.  I grew up in Nashville where The Pancake Pantry reigns supreme. This is the line most of the time its open, and I'm talking rain, shine, hot or cold.

I always recommend this place for anyone visiting Nashville because not only will you get ah-maz-ing pancakes, but the omeletes are too die for and you will probably see someone famous. Since moving to Charlotte 2 years ago, I miss being able to hop over for my usual buttermilk pancakes. IHOP is good, but its just not the same. 

Well, when my sister in law told us how good the Original Pancake House was, we just had to give it a try.  And let me tell you, its giving my fave a run for its money!  I'm talking fresh sqeezed orange juice and whipped cream from scratch, and you get a lot for what you pay for. Plus, the wait time is less than 20 minutes.  If you have an Original Pancake House in your area, and haven't tried it, you are missing out.  Here are some pics I took yesterday when we were there. I had the bluberry belgium waffle with blueberry syrup, soo good.

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