Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nail File

I've become somewhat of a nail polish fanatic over the last year.  I still get my nails done professionally once a month, but I most enjoy doing my nails myself.  This is so funny to me, because before, you couldn't make me polish even one nail, let alone 2 hands and feet.  Now, its amazing what can be a stress reliever.  I have definitely improved my technique over the last few months, although I still have some ways to go.  I work in a pretty conservative environment, so I can't go too crazy during the week, but I love to flex my creativity during the weekends.  I won't embarrass myself by putting my nails on display quite yet, but I love to see what Chloe and Rachel Marie are doing for inspiration.


Ombre Manicure

 Not so French Manicure

 Water Marbling


 Shredded Mani

Its amazing what she can do with scotch tape. Yes, she used tape to create most of these designs (except the lips and marbling). 

Rachel Marie:
I love her choice of nail polishes and she is the glitter queen. I love glitter but not the clean-up, so I always have an appreciation for anyone who can rock it so often. 

Any other fabulous nail gurus out there?

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