Monday, July 25, 2011

HairDo or Dye

Right after my 30th birthday, I started noticing grey hairs.  Like literally, a few weeks after I turned 30! (smh)  Honestly, I freaked out.  I mean it was only one hair (at first), but it just let me know that I was getting "old".  I had already been dyeing my hair for the last 10 years because I liked experimenting with different colors.  But for some reason, having to dye my hair just changed things.  Since that first sighting, I have been getting my hair colored every 8 weeks or so.  The experimentation with color went away with my 20s, and I have just rocked variations of dark brunette locks.  That is, up until about a year ago when my hair got damaged (long story) and I had to lay off color for a while.  The recommended four months somehow became 14 months, and it wasn't until my hairstylist nagged begged asked me when I was going to color again that I noticed a lot more.  Lets just say I can check the 30-35 in my age and grey hair category.  When you have a thousand or so hairs on your head, that number doesn't seem like a lot, but it is when you can see them right here, and here, and over there and, well, you get my drift.  

 I have accidentally been wearing my hair in a subtle ombre style since last year, and since I'm finally ready to dye my hair again, I am faced with some tough decisions.  Should I continue to embrace the ombre trend (which I'm not sure is still relevant enough to be called a trend), or go with some face framing highlights.  Either way, I'm going to have to get 2 different colors, dark brown for all over and a copper highlight.  My first choice is the latter, but I still love the look of ombre. 


Face-framing Highlights:

Actually, seeing them together, they are not very different from each other.  I don't think I can go wrong either way.  I will let you know which one I go with in a few weeks.

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