Monday, August 8, 2011

Color Club

I talked about colored denim in my Neon Crush post.  I have been lusting after the cobalt blue, red, and hot pink j brand jeans since they first came out. 

I love trendy pieces, but prefer to spend money on the classics.  I didn't want to spend $176 for a pair of jeans, and couldn't find any knock-offs.  I was excited when I went into Forever 21 on Friday and came across the Divine Rights of Denim ankle zip skinnies in red for $28 (and they were tax free).  I can't find them on their website, but they are fantastic.  I will have to post a picture later.   They will definitely not be there for long.  

 I was excited when I visited Tiffany's blog today, and saw that Asos has affordable colored denim, and some are on sale.  I swear I looked there just a few weeks ago but didn't find anything.  This is what I just got for $118.95+ free shipping.


I can't believe I just scored 4 pairs of jeans for under $150!

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