Monday, August 29, 2011


I find it funny that MTV still hosts the VMAs, seeing how they never really have videos these days.  I don't know, maybe they show videos on their other MTV channels.   It would be more appropriate to be the What Video? Music Awards or the We Sold Out to Reality TV Shows Video Music Awards.  How ironic that the first video played on MTV was "Video Killed the Radio Star" and now Reality TV killed the Video Star.  I stopped watching the VMAs years ago, but am still curious to see what the stars are wearing. 

Most media outlets are talking about Beyonce today.  I think pregnancy becomes her.  She looked radiant last night. So happy for her and Jay.


I believe when you have real talent, you don't have to be gimmick-y.  I'm talking to you Lady Gaga!



However, some people do have to be outlandish to stay relevent. That would be you Nicki Minaj!

The VMAs always bring out the crazy fashions.  What I've seen so far online, I really only liked a few things.

Just Jared
  Not really sure why Katie chose these shoes to wear, or why she posed like this (for every picture). Seems like she not only looks to Suri for fashion advice but also modeling poses.  Where is Ms. J. when you need him?

Off to look up the Amy Winehouse tribute, and Adele and Beyonce's performances. 

*photos via People unless noted

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